Do Blondes Have More Fun?

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I confess: I am not a natural blonde!!!

I was born with light brown hair, dyed it blonde in high school using
Sun-In and lemon juice, went back to my natural color during college,
and just dyed it blonde again a year ago.

For the past year, I have been prancing around Manhattan with
Barbie-bright Playboy-bunny blonde hair. Have I noticed a difference?

Hell yeah!

Platinum blonde hair, tan, busty, 6-foot-1 in heels. I definitely garner
attention when I enter a room, and not always the good kind. Women
either glare at me – “That slut!” – and pull their husbands closer to
them. Or they stare with a disconsolate mixture of admiration and
self-deprecation. Men turn their heads, nudge each other, raise their
eyebrows, blatantly check me out, wink, smile, whistle, make comments,
hit on me, stalk me . . . the list goes on and on. Whether positive or
negative, the reaction, from both men and women, is perceptibly
different from when I was brunette.

Obviously, I’m generalizing here. There are exceptions to every rule.
There are women who aren’t catty and men who don’t like blondes. This
is merely a report of my experience so far and the changes I have
witnessed since my transformation from brunette to blonde.

The fact is, overall, I get more attention now. Part of that is
because I’m hard to miss. I stand out. My hair is so blonde that it
lights up the room . . . literally.

Another part may be the intrigue of a flaxen-haired modelesque
twenty-something strutting down Madison Avenue in stilettos with the
kind of blonde that only celebrities and porn stars tend to sport.

To many, my ballsy hair color screams “fake” or “bimbo.” To me, my
hair says that I am confident and secure enough in who I am to rock
hair this blonde, and not be ashamed of it. Some people love it, some
people hate it. What matters most is how I feel about it, and I feel

So, feel free to stare, glare, gawk, balk, leer or cheer. Either way,
I’ll be the blonde out on the dance floor. . . having (more) fun.


Sarah Montclaire is a “blonde” model living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She’s 24 years old, 5-10 and a graduate of Ohio University.


Sarah as a Brunette.

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