Blondes Do Have More Fun!

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Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

In my case, yes.

I decided to poll a group of 15 guys I know to see whether they prefer
me as a blonde or brunette. These blokes have known me for various
amounts of time. Some are guy friends, some are ex-boyfriends, some
are gay friends, some are coworkers, some are acquaintances and some
are current amours. Quite a motley crew.

The majority of these gentlemen – 9 out of 15 – preferred my hair blonde.

One ex-boyfriend whined, “How come you weren’t this hot when you were
my girlfriend?” Um. Sorry?

One flamboyant friend said the blonde, “Brightens up my face and
brings out my blue eyes. Oh, and it goes well with my skin tone. By
the way, what moisturizer do I use?”

One candid yet pervy guy informed me, “Sarah, no one is looking at
your hair color…”

One former high school running back said he liked the blonde best
because it makes me look like a cheerleader. R-O-L-E-P-L-A-Y!

One observant, grammatically challenged fellow said, “It goes good
with your tan.”

One salacious suitor made a comment that I cannot, in good taste,
repeat, although I will say it involved a comparison between me and a
famous porn star whose name rhymes with Emma Ameson.

One sweet guy said, “The blonde makes you glow from within. You seem
happier, which is what’s most important.”

To be fair, some said that they liked both colors or didn’t have a
preference. However, when pushed to choose, most picked blonde.

The dissenters?

One rather nostalgic ex said he missed the brunette because it brought
back fond memories.

Another said something along the lines of, “It looks trashy, you
heart-breaking whore, why don’t you go *&$%^…”

One acquaintance said the brunette made me look smart AND hot, whereas the blonde just makes me look hot.

Of the 15 men polled, not a single one suggested I try red, which
would be a compromise between blonde and brunette.

All in all, the results of this highly scientific double-blind
clinical study were: gentlemen prefer (me) blonde.

There. Now we can all sleep better at night.



Sarah Montclaire is a blonde model living on the Upper East Side. Here she is trying on a dress at the Ilus Boutique in Soho.

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